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Simple Solutions Inclusive currently has two unique, innovative products that have finished beta testing and are producing revenue. Our Wheelchair BMS provides many reduncies required for such a critical task and has been FDA certified as part of a medical device.

The second product is our Wireless Battery Management System is aimed at the Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage markets. Our Wireless Distributed Architecture consists of two key components the Master and Cell Boards, the cell boards wirelessly transmit vital information and keep all the cells balanced at the same energy level. The system is scaleable from 6-2400 volt battery packs and includes multiple redundant safeties, while decreasing part count and cost.

Our Wireless BMS is finishing BETA testing in 5 installations, and selling approximately 1 new installation per month, as we have no real sales or marketing yet. Our Wheelchair BMS has been FDA certified as part of a medical device, selling approximately 20 units per month. Pocket Rocket portable USB power device is launching on Kickstarter soon. We are currently working on a custom Wireless BMS for Jay Leno’s 1914 Detroit Electric that Simple Solutions Inclusive is upgrading to modern electric drivetrain in partnership with Jay Leno’s Garage, UQM Technologies and one of the largest OEM's in the world.

We are actively seeking investors, so that we may hire a sales and marketing team to help us leverage the media attention that will result from the Jay Leno project.

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